Doreen Blue Handmade Satin-Silk Scarf

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Satin Silk Scarf with Peony Detailing

Explore the world in style like never before thanks to our exquisite satin silk scarf and you’ll never want to leave home without it. Whether it’s the vibrant choice of colors, quality of the silk, or the iconic look of the peony print, you’ll find something that catches your eye from the moment it arrives. Just what you need when nothing but the finer things in life will do.


Made Just For You

  • Measures 80 x 80 for the flawless fit you can enjoy with any outfit
  • Signature Peony Print allows you to turn on the style no matter where the day takes you
  • Ships in an exclusive gift box for the finishing touch you deserve
  • Available in a choice of 7 colors to allow you to create a beautiful new look
  • Handmade





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Care: Handwash only less then 30C
Don´t dry scarf under sunlight

Printed: Digital print
Material: 100%  Satin Polyester

  1. Triinu Salong

    Armastan seda salli nagu kõiki selle brändi tooteid.. Olen õnnelik salli, kotti, rahakotti, vihmavaru ja juuksekummi omanik. Tütardega võitlus koguaeg , kes saab salli, kes vihmavarju kes juuksekummi ❤️❤️

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