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About Astrid Lovén

Like many brands and companies in the world, it all started from a simple but tedious shopping experience. You’re trying to find something from the shop, but you know you’re not going find it. Why? Because what you want doesn’t exist. My story began because I had scheduled a weekend trip to Milan and the forecast suddenly promised rain. Naturally I decided to purchase a nice umbrella for myself to cope with the awful weather. Nothing complicated, right? To be honest I just wanted something simple and elegant, but not too boring or too flashy. Something that would match my casual style or my everyday work outfit. Because of who I am I also desired quality, like an umbrella that doesn’t break as soon as it gets windy and a button that actually opens it properly.

My brand strives for the more classical, ageless look. More than that, all the products actually need to look, feel and be of high quality. I want to bring joy to other women around the world knowing how important our accessories are to us. I truly hope that you find the products as beautiful and useful as I do.

My Values Making The Brand

Let’s face it, there is too much waste in the world. We ladies can combat this by choosing quality over quantity! This is why we choose to not make ‘fast fashion’ at Astrid Lovén. We make sure all the products look timeless, but are also elegant and unique so that they can be used for plenty of generations of women to come. By making our products functional, resistant and durable, we ensure less consumption in the world.

Another important value for us is to provide items produced only under BSCI conduct, respecting employees’ rights for humane working hours and salaries. So not only do we value and respect all our customers, we also take immense pride in that our products are produced in only respectful working condition.

Sincerely Yours,
Astrid Lovén

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